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We are part of consumers enjoyable food moments

Charcuterie, meal components and ready-made meals are just some of the innovative product categories where HKFoods plays an important role in our home markets.

The new trends change consumers eating habits. Red meat consumption is slowly declining, and poultry consumption is increasing, also vegan alternatives are becoming more popular. To all these changes HKFoods has been able to introduce new innovative and tasty products. We are producing a wide variety of chilled microwavable ready meals and meal components.

HKFoods has more than hundred year of experience of producing a wide variety of quality meat products like hams, sausages, meatballs, cold cuts and bacon, ready made meals and meal components. In many of these processed food categories, we are market leaders in our home markets. Our products serve our customers both in retail, food service and industry.

As a Nordic food company, we want to develop and serve our customers products that are not only good tasting, nutritionally balanced, produced with highest safety standards but also putting emphasis on sustainability, animal welfare in our production. Please feel free to contact us and we will tell you more about our products and how me make Life Tastier.