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Food Safety and Quality Policy

1. Scope and Objectives of the Policy

Food Safety and Quality creates the basis for HKFoods’ trustworthy and sustainable business. This Food Safety and Quality Policy of the HKFoods Group identifies the food safety and quality management principles, regulations, rules and reference documents, which shall always be followed. The Food Safety and Quality Policy shall be complied within the whole HKFoods Group and it applies to the whole supply chain of our products and processes.

2. Food Safety and Quality as a part of the HKFoods strategy

Food Safety and high Quality of our products and processes is a strategically important focus area for HKScan and it is integrated into the management model of the HKScan Group. Food Safety and Quality strategies are included in the annual business planning process and measurable quality and food safety objectives are set to ensure continuous improvement of Food Safety and Quality performance.

HKFoods products and processes are designed to ensure customer and consumer satisfaction. HKFoods is everyday aiming to meet the internal and external stakeholder’s needs and expectations. Implementation of this Food Safety and Quality Policy, and meeting of the targets set, is done by well-defined business processes and by a competent and committed personnel and management.

3. Managing product Food Safety and Quality

All HKFoods food processing operations have been approved by local and EU authorities and are located in Finland, Denmark and Poland.
HKFoods Group is committed to meet all statutory and regulatory requirements for food safety and quality, including mutually agreed customer requirements related to food safety and quality.

HKFoods ensures product safety and quality within the whole supply chain. Continuous improvement is an essential part of safe, efficient and high-quality operation, which is measured, evaluated and validated through internal and external audits as well as part of the management review process on BU level.

4. Safety First, Quality always!

All HKFoods Group production units must be certified against a GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) approved food safety standard. We frequently review guidelines, standards and procedures to effectively manage food safety risks associated with changes in products, processes and technologies. Already known and emerging hazards, threats and vulnerabilities are part of our risk assessment process.
One of the fundamental principles for safe and high-quality processes and products is every HKFoods employee’s right and authority to stop faulty or incorrect material, product or information before it goes to the next process phase.

Commitment to Food Safety and Quality are achieved by:

  • professional and fair leadership
  • clear target setting, regular follow up and timely actions
  • taking care of personnel’s quality, food safety and hygiene competence
  • taking care of personnel’s food fraud and food defence awareness
  • following local food safety- and quality management systems
  • developing and maintaining a Group level food safety- and quality management system
  • ensuring that suppliers and contractors follow appropriate Food Safety and Quality criteria and controls as part of supplier and sub-contractor management processes.
  • high level of traceability
  • welfare of animals

Management is committed to build Food Safety and Quality capability, mindset and culture through structured programs that develop employees’ competencies and technical skills, increase awareness and manage risks across the organization. This is achieved by systematic management practices, ensuring that food safety and quality targets are set based on strategic and business goals.

Food Safety and Quality management and leadership are enabled by close collaboration and transparent communication with HKFoods personnel, producers, consumers, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.
Supplementing quality standards, guidelines and instructions can be found from BU Management Systems.

5. Responsibilities and roles

Group and business unit management is responsible for planning and resourcing country operations so that principles of this Policy and supporting instructions and guidelines are possible to implement and food safety or agreed product quality is not compromised at any stage of the process.

Roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, as well as targets communicated. Everybody working at HKFoods is responsible for his/her own work and for following and complying with defined food safety and quality procedures.
HKFoods expects each of its employee, including management at all levels, to take personal responsibility and to comply with this Policy and all supporting instructions and guidelines.

6. Policy changes

Amendments to this Policy must be approved by the HKFoods Oyj Board of Directors (BoD), except for amendments, which are more of a technical nature and which do not alter the overall concept of the Policy. Such technical amendments shall be approved by the Policy owner. All modifications made shall be informed to the BoD.

7. Communication and implementation

HESQ function is responsible for communicating, training and implementing this Policy to the whole Group to ensure that all employees have a clear and consistent understanding of the Policy.

8. Internal controls and reviews

Policy owner is accountable for making sure that there are adequate internal controls in place to ensure compliance with the Policy, related guidelines, instructions and processes. Regular reviews by internal and external parties shall be conducted to assess implementation and compliance with this Policy.

9. Consequences of non-compliance

In case an employee of HKFoods is breaching this Policy, any breach will be subject to appropriate consequences, including possible termination of the employment relationship, and the breach can be reported to relevant local authorities in case HKFoods suspects that the behavior of the employee in breach is also against relevant legislation.