Largest shareholders

Information on HKFoods’ largest shareholders is based on data received from Euroclear Finland Ltd.


The information is updated monthly. 


HKFoods' K shares are held by LSO Osuuskunta and HKFoods Plc are not quoted.
In accordance with the Finnish Companies Act (624/2006, as amended), own shares held by HKFoods Plc do not entitle to any rights in the company.

LSO Osuuskunta as an owner

HKFoods' main owner LSO Osuuskunta is a cooperative, less than 900 members of which are active meat producers in Finland. LSO's assignments are to support its members' meat production and marketing by exercising ownership in HKFoods, promote its members' and HKFoods' profitable and competitive business and foster HKFoods' development and ability to bring economical added value to its owners.

Read more about LSO Osuuskunta here (in Finnish only).