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Investor events and IR contact

HKFoods' investor relations strives to offer transparent and reliable information about the company and its operating environment to the capital markets, enabling stakeholders to form a realistic picture of HKFoods as an investment.

HKFoods aims to ensure that all stakeholder groups are on an equal footing and have sufficient and correct information about the company, and that information is published in a timely manner and without delay. In its communications, HKFoods observes the Finnish legislation, rules and regulations of Nasdaq Helsinki and the regulations and guidelines of the European Securities and Markets Authority and the Financial Supervisory Authority.


Interim Report for January–March 2024 

9 Feb 2023

Financial Statements Bulletin 2022

week 11/2023

Annual and Responsibility Report 2022

20 Apr 2023

Annual General Meeting

10 May 2023

Interim Report for January-March 2023

9 Aug 2023

Half-Year Financial Report 2023

8 Nov 2023

Interim Report for January-September 2023

9 Feb 2024

Financial Statements Bulletin 2023

28 Feb 2024

Extraordinary General Meeting (only in Finnish)

week 11/2024

Annual and Responsibility Report 2023

18 Apr 2024

Annual General Meeting

8 May 2024

Interim Report for January-March 2024

7 Aug 2024

Half-Year Financial Report 2024

6 Nov 2024

Interim Report for January-September 2024

Silent period

HKFoods observes a 30-day silent period in its communication with investors and the media. The silent period precedes the publication of the financial statements release and any interim financial report. During the silent period, results or factors affecting it are not discussed with the capital markets or representatives of the media.

The silent period ends when the financial statements release or the interim report is published. Should an event requiring immediate disclosure occur during the silent period, HKFoods shall disclose said information without delay in accordance with applicable disclosure obligations and may comment on said event.