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We represent food democracy

The two pillars of a healthy diet are versatility and moderation. For us, meat and plant-based food have always been in harmony around the same table and will be so even stronger in the future. HKFoods’ target is to grow into a versatile food company and our selection includes products for both everyday and festive occasions.

We make our products using trusted raw materials, just like the founders of HKFoods more than a hundred years ago. We use locally produced meat that is produced in a way that ensures the welfare of animals.

Meat and meat products are part of a diverse and balanced diet as meat is a natural source of good nutrients. Eating meat in line with the nutrional recommendations is good for your health. Even a small amount of meat ensures the sufficient intake of nutrients and vitamins. Meat is an excellent source of protein, in terms of both quantity and quality. Meat contains all the essential amino acids your body cannot make itself.

Meat tastes good – and goes well with a healthy diet

Our long-term work to develop the healthiness of our products is based on nutritional guidelines. Many of our products have been recognised for their healthiness: The Heart Symbol in Finland, and the Keyhole symbol in Denmark. All our products have nutritional labelling on packages. 


As a large Northern European food company, our operations have impact on public health as well. When developing healthy alternatives, our emphasis is on the following:

  • National criteria for healthy food, e.g. the Heart Symbol and the Keyhole Symbol
  • Renewing products to be healthier, e.g. reducing salt, improving quality of fat and removing allergens
  • Removal or reduction of additives, e.g. nitrate and phosphate
  • Smaller-than-normal pack sizes that help with portion size thinking and reduce food waste
  • Adding vegetables or other ingredients in meat products and development of plant-based protein products
  • Healthy diet education and tips on packaging, e.g. a reminder of a varied diet, healthy recipes and a plate model