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Responsible procurement

Delicious products are made of responsibly produced, high-quality raw materials. We operate openly following our responsible procurement principles throughout the supply chain.

Our supply chain is as short as possible. We use local meat and buy almost 100% of the animals directly from farmers in Finland and Denmark. As we are in direct contact with our farmers, we know well the origin of meat and growing conditions of animals. Read more about animal welfare.

All products sold under the HK® and Kariniemen® brands are made from 100% domestic meat. In addition, we buy other raw materials, products and services mainly from our local markets.

Our principles on responsible procurement

  • Our goal is that all our suppliers are committed to our Supplier Code of Conduct.
  • Subcontractors and suppliers respond to our supplier questionnaire before they are accepted as our suppliers. In the questionnaire, we look into the suppliers’ practices related to, e.g., product safety, quality and environment.
  • We audit our suppliers.
  • We assess the suppliers in line with the criteria related to product safety, quality, environment, practices and each procurement process. In the assessments, we also take ethical and human rights issues into account.