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As a major company in the food industry, HKScan has a significant role in maintaining local food security in all its market areas. The current exceptional situation further...

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Pride and joy visible at HKScan Awards ceremony

We wanted to acknowledge the valuable work carried out by our people. HKScan Awards, held for the first time, highlighted our teams’ collaboration, innovativeness and efforts...

Expertti Leena

Expert in Poultry

In this article series we highlight the people that bring our From Farm to Fork strategy to life. Meet veterinarian Leena Pohjola.

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Food and sustainability hot topics in Almedalen Week

The Almedalen Week was kicked off in Visby, Sweden this Monday. The event dates back to the year 1968. Today Almedalen Week is a big discussion festival filled with seminars,...

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Ambassador for the joy of food

In this article series we highlight the people that bring our From Farm to Fork strategy to life. Meet nutrition expert Soile Käkönen.

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Five tips for succesful grilling

Grilling season is upon us. With these instructions grilling goes smoothly after the winter. Read more how to avoid the common mistakes.

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Environmentally sound production

In this article series we will highlight the people that bring our From Farm to Fork strategy to life. Meet producer Fredrik Lindeberg.

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Busting #meatmyths: Is there room for meat in healthy diet?

As consumers we are becoming more conscious. We want to know in detail what our food contains, how it nourishes and what are the health aspects as well.

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Best Bites of 2018

Did you know that we have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by 48 % from 2014 to 2018? Have you ever wondered what our nutrition expert’s daily work is like? Or did you...

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Less is more - greetings from the packaging front

We are becoming more and more conscious as consumers. We think where we shop, what is the origin of the products, in what kind of conditions they are produced and how much...

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The journey of the Omega-3 Pork in China

To celebrate the Year of the Pig, HKScan opened the year 2019 with great news from China. The Omega-3 Pork products from Finnish family farms got into Alibaba’s grocery retail...

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Nordic Butcher: International cooperation created top products and brought colleagues together

What happens when HKScan professionals from five countries work together as a team? They introduce us Nordic Butcher, a concept celebrating high quality and craftmanship. Produc...

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Ten tips: How to make sustainable New Year’s resolutions?

When we make our New Year’s resolutions, we usually promise ourselves that we’ll exercise more and eat more healthily. But how to make these resolutions last and what other...


Soile’s Plate: How to digest ham after Christmas

According to an old saying it is more important what you eat between New Year and Christmas than what you eat between Christmas and New Year. I think this so true.

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Tips for a relaxing Christmas

Would you like to spend Christmas in a laid-back way? If your days are not filled with programme yet, here are a few tips to help you have the most relaxing Christmas ever.

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Busting #meatmyths: Is beef production really a major threat to the environment?

We know that meat production has an environmental impact. And not just meat production but everything we do. We can make more environmentally sustainable choices when buying...

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Five good reasons to eat domestic food

Here in the Nordics we have clean nature and pure, quality food. We gathered a few great reasons to favor local food instead of imported food.

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Looking for tasty Christmas calendars? Check these out!

December is around the corner and we are waiting eagerly to open the first door from the Christmas calendar. If you are still looking for your Christmas calendar, here are a few...

Innovate or die 2017 (c) Lauri Kaivo oja

Students to solve future challenges in innovation hackathon

Innovate or die -innovation competition takes place in Himos, Finland 14-15 November. The event gathers students from seven universities to solve client companies’ future...

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Five tips how to motivate yourself to exercise and eat healthy

Do you still remember your New Year’s resolutions? Most of us probably promised to get to better shape and eat healthier.