- It is important for us to know what consumers expect from us and act according to these expectations. Young people are a challenging and critical consumer segment. This is a great opportunity for us to get valuable input from them. We are looking forward to thoughts related especially to corporate responsibility, R&D Manager Heikki Aro from HKScan says.

The companies participating to the event have assigned a dedicated challenge to their student team. HKScan’s challenge will be solved with a task force of 25 students, divided to groups of five. They have 24 hours to solve the challenge.

Looking into the challenges and opportunities of the future is an important part of the work of HKScan research network. The network boosts the utilization of existing internal research data, combins the research knowledge of relevant and potential research partners and creates a HKScan research ecosystem as a platform for innovation.

Read more about the event: https://www.innovateordie.eu/about-us/

Picture: Lauri Kaivo-Oja