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I trust the local

Securing local food production is our shared mission. Smart practices ensure that you can always rely on the quality, responsibility and safety of the food produced in HKFoods’ home markets. HKFoods’ familiar brands and great-tasting food have been an important part of Northern Europeans’ food moments for over a hundred years. Now we all need to pull together so that we can continue to enjoy local food for the next hundred years. Let’s work together for the future of local food!


5 tips on what I can do for the local food chain


1. Prefer local branded products

Local branded products use local raw materials and contribute to employment, the local economy and food culture.


2. Choose local meat

You can eat meat produced in Finland and Denmark with good conscience as its production methods are strictly regulated and responsible. In doing so, you are supporting the vitality of the local countryside.

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3. Reduce food waste

Think about the right portion size and amount of food in advance. Wasted food is an unnecessary burden on the environment and your wallet. For example, on average Finnish households generate food waste of just over EUR 100 per person per year.

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4. Don’t hesitate to ask

In restaurants, ask where the ingredients come from and choose local.

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5. Make use of seasonal recipes

Use seasonal fruit and vegetables on your weekly menu. By testing new recipes, you can add variety in your food moments.

5 facts on how HKFoods is already contributing to the future of the local food chain 


1. We work from farms to consumers with a big heart

Together, we make responsibly produced, tasty food for Finns’ food moments. We proudly bear our responsibility for securing the supply security of our home markets.


2. We live in time and develop interesting new products

Food is our passion. In addition to the traditional products that consumers love, we bring new trends to the food moments.

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3. We have around 2 000 contract farmers in Finland

Thanks to local contract farms, we can enjoy food made from safe, high-quality raw materials. The farmers are also our important owners.


4. We are part of the solution to climate change

Our climate target is to reach net zero for all greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. We have already carried out hundreds of climate actions. For example, we are developing carbon sequestration in fields, use only carbon-neutral electricity and promote the recyclability of our packaging.

Stegte Skiver Brystfilet af BBQ i Bagel Godhjertet Skueret

5. No unnecessary antibiotics!

We care about animal welfare and know our farms. HKFoods’ meat products are uniquely safe, as we do not use any antibiotics to prevent disease or promote growth.