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Our value chain offers a variety of professional opportunities. Read below how we work together across our markets and from various functions from farm to consumer. Together we make food that does good!

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People and varied days spicing up the job

HR Manager Tarja Laine’s varied tasks have kept her work meaningful already for 30 years. She enjoys working with people and she balances her work life by spending time with her family and grandchildren.

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Joy of learning and gym training helps to cope with physical work

Erkka Viippo, a butcher at Forssa unit, likes his varied days on the line. Opportunities for career advancement and learning new things have helped the former locksmith to enjoy his time at HKFoods.

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Almost 30 years of experience in the meat industry

Janne Nieminen, the slaughterhouse supervisor at Forssa unit, has a career of nearly three decades at HKFoods. During his long career, the opportunity to work in a variety of jobs and with good colleagues has kept him with the company.

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The day-to-day work of a packaging professional is all about good colleagues

For ten years, Laura Seppälä, a packer at Forssa unit, has enjoyed varied working days and working with great colleagues. Her work sometimes requires a good insight and the packaging professional balances her workload by relaxing with her dog.

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Tuija Virtanen, accuracy and high quality are at the heart of the work

Slaughterhouse worker Tuija Virtanen has varied days at Forssa unit. Colleagues and different tasks have helped Tuija to enjoy her work at HKFoods already since 1995.

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Sami Nikander, Head of Unit, values development and career opportunities

Sami Nikander’s career path at HKFoods has been eventful: he started as a seasonal worker and is now the new Head of the Paimio Unit. In addition to the good working environment, he values especially the development and career opportunities offered by his employer – the potential in employees is recognised and they are encouraged to move forward in their career.

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