The day-to-day work of a packaging professional is all about good colleagues

For ten years, Laura Seppälä, a packer at Forssa unit, has enjoyed varied working days and working with great colleagues. Her work sometimes requires a good insight and the packaging professional balances her workload by relaxing with her dog.

Laura Seppala

Using three words, how would you describe HKScan as an employer?

I’d say that HKScan is a responsible, reliable and flexible employer. The fact that it is possible to work shorter hours, for instance if you have small children at home, is an example of flexibility. I think that’s really great!

What is it that you do at HKScan?

I work as a packer in the department of consumer packaged goods. My duties include various tasks such as assembling equipment, packaging products, filling HK Maakarit raw sausages, netting and packaging hams.

What do you like most or what is the best thing about your job?

I enjoy the variety in the days, for example in terms of the products that are packaged. It’s also rewarding that, together with my colleagues, we get things done in a sensible way.

What does your job require?

In addition to flexibility and initiative, my job requires problem-solving skills. For example, we try to solve matters ourselves before calling a service technician if there is a problem with the production equipment.

What makes a good colleague?

I think a good colleague is fair and helpful in every situation.

Why do you like it at HKFoods? And what makes you excited at work?

Co-workers play a major role in this kind of work. Even though working days are varied and I have different tasks, the work itself is the same. Good workmates help you cope with the daily routine. I was involved in a project to purchase a new packaging machine, which brought interesting variety and different content to my work in the factory.

What are your working days like?

My daily activities are determined by work rotation and, of course, the shift. Usually in the morning shift, I assemble prepare our machines before the rest of the team comes to work, so that we can start packing products as soon as the shift starts. Our shifts vary slightly depending on the season. During the busiest times of the summer and Christmas, we work several shifts, and during the quieter times of the early part of the year we work one shift. Weekends are free, which is nice.

How is responsibility reflected in your work?

We do a lot of self-monitoring on products. We monitor the cleanliness of the machines and facilities, take care of hygiene and check the protective gas values in the packaging and measure product temperatures. We also make sure that the products are intact and that the quality is the best possible.

What’s your favourite food?

This is quite a difficult question, but I think beef fillet steak with pepper sauce is number one.

What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I go jogging with my dog and we do some rally-toko together. The sport combines elements of obedience training, agility and dog dancing.

Could you briefly tell us about your career/training background?

Since leaving school, I’ve worked in racing stables and in the glass and meat industry, for example. This autumn, I have been working at HKFoods for 10 years. I’m happy to say that I have always been immediately re-employed after finishing my previous job, and there have been no breaks in my career.