1. Before starting make sure your grill is clean

Tip: A good routine is to heat the grill every time after finishing grilling. This way the dirt gets off the grill better. Turn off the grill and scrub it with a wire brush. Clean grates keep your food from sticking. Remember to always clean your grease tray as well.

2. Bring the meat to room temperature around half an hour before grilling

3. Heat the grill properly before you start 

Tip: Charcoal grill is easy to light when you insert the charcoals inside a paper bag. The bag works as a perfect lighting mechanism.
With gas grill, you know it is hot enough, when you are able to hold your hand on top of the grates only a short moment. 

4. Use a meat thermometer

Below are our recommendations for right temperatures:

- Pork: fillets 68-75 °C, other parts 75-85 °C.
- Beef: 51-54 °C = blody/rare, 60-63 °C = rosee /medium, 70 °C = well done
- Poultry: 75 °C

5. Take the meat from the hot grill and tent the meat in foil for a few minutes

Tip: The amount of resting time can correspond the grilling time. If the weather is cold wrap a kitchen towel on top of the foil. When eating, the meat does not have to be super hot. The flavours come out better when the meat is slightly chilled.

Source: HKScan’s chef Sami Lamminaho

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