1. Read as much as you can

In our busy everyday lives, it is challenging to find enough time to read. So gather all the still unread books from your shelves or visit the library. Get comfy on the sofa and settle in to a good story. Reading improves your quality of life, and so does listening to audiobooks.

2. Set the table without stress

You don’t need to spend days in the kitchen preparing for Christmas Eve, you can buy Christmas treats ready from the store, and if you like, give it your personal touch. Or, if you prefer, you can forget Christmas food altogether and just prepare your favorite meal. Add cinnamon to give your dish a Christmassy twist.

3.  Cook the ham while still frozen

Ham is the crown of the traditional Christmas table. Did you know that you do not need to stress about the cooking of the ham that much either. You can even cook it when it is still frozen. Just lower the temperature (90 degrees Celsius) and double the cooking time (2 hours per kilo, until your meter shows 72-85 degrees), depending how you like it.  

4. Catch up with old friends or far-away relatives

Christmas is a good time to remember your friends and relatives. If you feel like catching up, call a distant relative, your godmother or an old student friend. A call can mean a lot!

5. Book an extempore spa or cruise

If you do not feel like spending your whole Christmas holiday at home or with relatives, escape the Christmas rush and see if you can still book a cruise or a room in a spa hotel. It would be a wonderful getaway after a busy autumn and, of course, you won’t need to prepare anything at all.

6. Take up a handicraft or find you inner artist

You don’t want to be rushed when you’re doing handicrafts and at Christmas time there’s finally time to sit down in peace and get started. So, if you’re waiting to start knitting that pair of wooly socks or a scarf, save up a store of materials and get ready! Or when was the last time you made a drawing or painted?

7. Try a TV marathon

Over the Christmas break you’ll have time to watch all the seasons of your favorite series, and the movies and documentaries you haven’t had time to watch yet. Or you can even keep in shape and do exercise in front of the TV. There are plenty instructional videos on the web. But do remember to go outside and get some fresh air from time to time!

8. Relax with mindfulness

Mindfulness helps you to accept and enjoy the present moment. Use the silence of Christmas to rest and recharge. For example, you can set aside a little time every day in the morning and in the evening to be at peace.

Have a relaxing Christmas!