People tend to gain weight between half to three kilos during Christmas time. This in not permanent weight gain for most of the people, thanks to weekday routines -if healthy eating habits are a part of them. So, no permanent damage done, and no need for stress.

Christmas ham is a centre of the Nordic Christmas table. Searches like “how to melt Christmas ham”, “how to cook Christmas ham” and “what to do with leftovers”, are one most popular ones in internet. If you worry about digesting the Christmas ham after Christmas as well, it is good to remember the basic facts about weigh maintenance: regular meals, plate model and portion size and maybe the most important one, flexibility. Even after Christmas you don’t have to be perfect with your food choices, just eat sensibly most of the time.

Food is all about enjoyment, also after Christmas. Worrying seldom increases pleasure and luckily there are some tricks to try to help you avoid overeating during the holiday season:

- Set only a part of the treats at a time. The more dishes you serve, the more people will eat. You may have noticed this in buffets: trying a bit of this and that results easily that you’ll need a bigger plate.

- Be selfish and concentrate only foods you like. This may sound harsh, but you can taste everything, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to eat everything.

- Don’t feel quilty, guilt gains weight. When you feel like a failure, it is easier to give up plans for sensible eating. Enjoy, and do it with a good conscience. 

Wishing you a happy and healthy Holiday season!

Soile Käkönen
Nutrition Expert at HKScan