HKScan Corporation             Stock exchange release        8 February 2017                    8:00 am


Appointments in HKScan’s Group Leadership Team

Operating model to be reviewed

HKScan Corporation is renewing its Group Leadership Team and simultaneously initiating a review of its operating model. The goal is to renew HKScan’s offering with a sharper focus on consumers and customers, to improve the efficiency and transparency of the meat value chain, and to improve efficiency of its internal processes. The strategic aim of these changes is to improve the company’s profitability and competitiveness and to seek profitable growth on its home and export markets.

The review of the company’s operating model will be led by the President and CEO, Jari Latvanen in cooperation with the Group Leadership Team. For the duration of the review, the company will adhere to its existing operating model and current reporting lines.

“We aim to create a more consumer-focused, customer-centric culture at HKScan. This entails closer cooperation and greater transparency throughout the value chain, all the way from farm to fork. In making these changes, we will also strengthen our shared corporate values,” says the President and CEO Latvanen. “We will initiate the review of our operating model immediately and we plan to have a new operating model in place as soon as possible, during the first half of the year,” adds Latvanen.

HKScan’s Group Leadership Team as of 8 February 2017

As of 8 February 2017, HKScan’s Group Leadership Team will comprise the following members, all of whom will report to the Chairman of the Leadership Team, President and CEO Jari Latvanen.

- Sofia Hyléen Toresson, M.Sc. (Econ.), will assume the position of EVP Market Area Sweden on 2 May 2017. Hyléen Toresson will be joining HKScan from Findus, where she is currently employed as Sales Director Retail. Prior to Findus she held managerial and executive positions in corporations including Nestlé, Zoégas, Pärsons and HKScan.

Göran Holm, DIHM, EVP for HKScan’s Consumer Business in Scandinavia, has decided to pursue new challenges outside HKScan from 1 June, and will until then be responsible for the Groups strategic projects, reporting to the President and CEO Jari Latvanen.

- Jyrki Karlsson, M.Sc. (Technology), is EVP for Market Area Finland.

- Svend Schou Borch, MBA, is EVP Market Area Denmark. He has been with HKScan as VP Sales in Denmark since October 2015. Before joining HKScan Svend Schou Borch has held leadership positions at Tican and Carlsberg.

- Anne Mere, MBA, is EVP Market Area Baltics.

- Jukka Nikkinen, M.Sc. (Econ.), is EVP Market Area International & Biotech.

Each of the above EVPs will be responsible for developing the offering and catering to consumer and customer needs in their specific market area working in cooperating with fellow members of the Leadership Team.

- Heli Arantola, D.Sc. (Econ.), has been appointed EVP Categories and Concepts. She will be responsible for the development of HKScan’s offering and for the Group’s strategy process. She will assume this position on 2 May 2017. Until then, Jari Latvanen will temporarily fill this role on top of his existing duties.

Heli Arantola is currently SVP at Fazer Group and heads the Fazer Mills Business Unit as well as the Group Strategy & Renewal team. She has also served as Marketing & Brand Director of Fazer Group and SVP, Business Development of Fazer Brands. Prior to joining Fazer she held positions at Vectia and Sonera.

- Aki Laiho, D.Sc. (Technology), CSCP, will be responsible for sourcing, production and the supply chain as EVP Operations. He continues as a deputy of the President and CEO.

- Anu Mankki, MA, is EVP HR.

- Tuomo Valkonen, M.Sc. (Econ.), is CFO.

- Markku Suvanto, LL.D is EVP Legal.

HKScan Corporation

Jari Latvanen
President and CEO

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HKScan is the leading Nordic meat food company. We sell, market and produce high-quality, responsibly-produced pork, beef, poultry and lamb products, processed meats and convenience foods under strong brand names. Our customers are the retail, food service, industrial and export sectors, and our home markets comprise Finland, Sweden, Denmark and the Baltics. We export to close to 50 countries. In 2015, HKScan had net sales of approximately EUR 1.9 billion and some 7 400 employees.

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