Jukka Eeva has no reason to be modest. His farm is called Kankarin Tila and it is located in Kuusjoki in the province of Western Finland.  The farm has been in the family for three generations and Jukka has been managing the farm since 2004. Now the farm operates in four locations and produces pork meat and raw material for breads, beers and different flour mixes.

Taking good care of the animals

”Animal welfare is fundamentally important for us producers. If the animals are not feeling well, we are not feeling well either”, Jukka explains.

Jukka and his team strive to produce the best possible meat. “It feels to me that animal welfare and life cycle interest consumers more and more. Maybe for this reason we should talk more about primary production, Jukka continues.  

Active in the nature

Jukka’s days are filled with action. In addition to his farm, his three children and versatile sports are keeping him busy.  

“During winter I enjoy cross-country skiing and in the summer I take the compass with me and head to the forest.”

Jukka Eeva discusses primary production related matters with other producers in co-operation groups hosted by HKScan.

 Photos: The Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK)