HKScan aims to actively develop pig production. In the trial partnership, HKScan, Topigs Norsvin and Royal Agrifirm will join forces and share their latest knowledge on pork production. The practices will be tested at Antti and Anne Varjola's Yli-Simola farm. The aim of this long-term cooperation is to develop best practices in pork production for future needs. The trial activities will focus on improving welfare of pigs, reducing environmental impact, increasing profitability and optimizing carcass quality.

“It is great to have top companies in the industry as partners in the development of production. I really appreciate Anne and Antti Varjola's contribution to this project. For a long time, we were looking for producers with strong know-how, willingness to experiment and to commit to the extra work required for the trial activities. In addition, the unit had to be big enough to provide sufficient data, and it should be possible to follow the piglets all the way to slaughter. The investment of Anne and Antti Varjola met all our expectations,” says Olli Paakkala, Pig Sourcing and Development Manager at HKScan.  

The trial activities in the new unit will be launched once the unit’s production is at normal levels after start-up. 

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HKScan Corporation
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•    Olli Paakkala, Pig Sourcing and Development Manager, HKScan Finland, tel. +358 400521709
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Topigs Norsvin
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Royal Agrifirm Group
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At HKScan, we make life tastier – today and tomorrow. Our strategic target is to grow into a versatile food company Our responsibly produced, delicious products are part of consumers’ varied food moments – both every day and on special occasions. We have some 7,000 HKScan professionals applying more than 100 years of experience to make locally produced food. For us at HKScan, responsibility means continuous improvements and concrete actions throughout the food chain. As part of our Zero Carbon project, we are targeting a carbon-neutral food chain from farms to consumers by the end of 2040. Our home markets cover Finland, Sweden, the Baltics and Denmark. Our strong product brands include HK®, Kariniemen®, Via®, Scan®, Pärsons®, Rakvere®, Tallegg® and Rose®. Through our strategic partnerships, we are also known for Kivikylän®, Tamminen® and Boltsi brands. In 2021, net sales of the publicly listed HKScan totalled EUR 1.8 billion. 

Swine genetics company Topigs Norsvin is renowned for its innovative approach to implementing new technologies and its continuous focus on cost-efficient and sustainable pig production. Research, innovation, and dissemination of genetic improvements are the cornerstones of the company. Continuous and strong product improvement will enable clients to achieve significant added value in their production.

Royal Agrifirm Group contributes to a responsible food chain for future generations. The cooperative delivers measurable, relevant and sustainable value to farm, field and industry level. Founded over 120 years ago in the Netherlands, Royal Agrifirm Group is now a leading agricultural cooperative with an international network of subsidiaries. By combining years of global scientific research with local, specific know-how in the arable and livestock feed sector, Royal Agrifirm Group offers its customers worldwide the best solutions for the challenges they face every day. This way it strives to be the preferred knowledge and solution-driven partner for its customers in animal nutrition, crop cultivation and animal, plant and soil health.