2017hksf_untuvikko_www.jpgHKScan is pioneering among the first in the world innovation with the launch of a new concept enabling chicks to be born on the farm they are raised rather than at a separate hatchery. By eliminating the need for transportation of chicks from hatchery to farm the concept marks an improvement in animal welfare.

“With the new concept, we and our contract farmers together offer consumers new Kariniemen® products. Our new Kariniemen® products will be coming out on the market in the Spring of 2018,” states Heli Arantola EVP, Categories & Concepts, Head of Strategy at HKScan Corporation.

With the new concept, the chicks are given water and food from the moment they hatch. The chicks are also spared stress because handling is minimal.

“We believe in giving our chicks the best possible start in life. The new concept further improves their welfare and disease resistance, providing the best possible conditions for their balanced growth. Some of our contract farmers have been directly involved in developing the concept, and we will be initiating collaboration on selected Kariniemen® farms,” says Pia Nybäck, Vice President, Animal sourcing & Primary Production at HKScan Corporation.

2017hksg_untuvikot_kuoriutuvat_kanalassa_etalvio.jpgChicks brought to farms as eggs

With the new concept, the chicks are brought to the farm as eggs shortly before they are about to hatch. They are initially warmed in a hatchery incubator, and towards the end of the incubation period they are moved to the floor of the chicken house, which is carefully heated and strewn with peat litter. The chicks hatch in the chicken house and require no further handling, as opposed to the traditional method of transporting newly hatched chicks from hatchery to chicken house.

The new hatching concept is among the first in the world. It is currently being pioneered in Finland only on selected Kariniemen® contract farms.

Corporate responsibility is a strategic priority for HKScan

HKScan is committed to continually improving its performance in the field of corporate responsibility throughout all links in its food production chain, all the way from farm to fork. “The new hatching concept is a tangible example of our renewed Farm-to-Fork strategy through which aim to establish food chain leadership. It combines three goals in one: consumer focus, cost efficiency and responsibility. We are dedicated to the humane treatment of animals. We are working hard to continually improve the health and welfare of our livestock throughout all stages of the production chain,” says Heli Arantola.

Strengths of Finnish meat production

Kariniemen® chicks are sourced from HKScan’s Finnish contract farms. All HK® and Kariniemen® branded products are made exclusively from domestically produced meat.

Finland adheres to excellent standards of health care and animal welfare in the production of all livestock. Since animal diseases are prevented efficiently, all Finnish chicken farming is 100% antibiotic-free. The Finnish authorities and our strict national legislation, together with the expert input of contract farmers at all stages of HKScan’s farm-to-fork chain, ensure that the quality of Finnish meat is of the highest standard. Domestic meat comes with a guarantee of outstanding food safety. The Finnish food industry is an important source of livelihood in rural municipalities. Locally farmed food requires minimal transport and is therefore environment and climate-friendly.

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  • Heli Arantola, EVP, Categories & Concepts, HKScan Corporation
  • Pia Nybäck, Vice President, Animal Sourcing & Primary Production, HKScan Corporation
  • Kindly submit a call-back request via Marja Siltala, Communications Director, Finland, tel. +358 10 570 2290

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