Facts on responsibility

HKScan is committed to carry out its business in a sustainable and responsible way. HKScan’s responsibility policy covers four areas: economic responsibility, social responsibility, animal health and welfare and environmental responsibility. HKScan has defined specific targets for each of these four areas and works systematically to achieve those goals.

Transparency is a key pillar of HKScan’s responsibilityway of working. In order to increase transparency and raise awareness of responsibility issues, HKScan has compiled a set of ‘responsibility factsheets’ listing key facts related to each responsibility area. The factsheets list key points related to the topic concerned as well HKScan’s related targets, the actions we are taking to attain those targets, and milestones we have achieved so far. Our first factsheet concerns the usage of antibiotics.

Minimizing usage of antibiotics is part of our daily work

Antibiotic resistance and the reduced efficacy of antibiotics in the treatment of disease is a major global problem.


The most effective way to prevent antibiotic resistance is to administer antibiotics only in the treatment of diagnosed diseases, both in the case of animals and human beings. In livestock farming, all actions taken at every stage of the production chain have a direct impact on animal health and welfare. We at HKScan promote good animal health by arranging optimized living conditions tailored for each species combined with diligent observance of sound hygiene practices and high standards of biosecurity. If an animal is found to suffer from a disease, it is treated without delay and the infection is contained immediately to prevent it from spreading.


Neither farms owned by HKScan nor its contract farmers use antibiotics preventively or to promote animal growth. If livestock is given antibiotics, it is administered under close supervision: antibiotic medication is used only if prescribed by a veterinarian in the treatment of diseased animals.


The amount of antibiotics used in HKScan’s production countries is significantly lower than in other European countries on average. Our policies designed to promote animal welfare and prevent disease have proved effective. We aim to maintain a low level of use of antibiotics and to continually improve our results – without compromising the welfare of our livestock.


Our antibiotics factsheet looks at the usage of antibiotics from the viewpoint of animal health and welfare and the responsible use of medication. Read more here.



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Finland: Kindly submit a call-back request to HKScan’s responsibility experts via Marja Siltala, VP Communications: marja.siltala(at)hkscan.com.


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