Around a month ago, HKScan was targeted by a cyber-attack. As soon as the attack was detected, HKScan took immediate action and started investigating the matter.

During the investigation, it has been established that the attack involved a data breach of HKScan's information systems. HKScan has been investigating the scope of the data breach together with information security experts. In connection with the data breach, the attacker may have gained access to some of the personal data collected by HKScan. HKScan is not aware of any misuse or disclosure of this personal data to third parties. However, this possibility cannot be excluded.

The cyber-attack and data breach have had no impact on the Group's operational activities or product deliveries.

HKScan takes the matter very seriously and has initiated the necessary steps to further protect its IT environment. The incident has been reported to the Authorities and the company continues to work closely together with security experts and authorities to investigate the incident.

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Rami Laustola, SVP Risk Management, SQE, Procurement, Operational Excellence & Investment.
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