The ranking of Sustainable Brand Index™ shows how brands are perceived on sustainability according to consumers. The communication of a brand's sustainability work should be consistent, fact based and credible and we believe that the strong improvement of Scan's score is an indication that we have succeeded. Some highlights from 2022 are the podcast “Everything you need to know in 5 minutes” where our experts talked about sustainability work in farms, animal welfare and food security among other topics, as well as the film by Youtube foodie Filip Poon from Halla gård

Obviously, sustainability communication needs to be based on real and concrete actions to reduce the climate impact from our products. Since 2003 we have reduced the climate impact from our own production (HKScan Sweden) with 75% (reduced energy and water use, biogas for heating,  renewable energy in all our plants etc). But the major part of our climate impact comes from farming and here’s where we have the biggest potential to make a real difference. Gårdsinititivet is our most important climate intitiave in Sweden so far - a cooperation with Swedish farms to strengthen the positive natural values of farming combined with profitability based on each farm’s unique conditions. Our goal is a climate neutral value chain, from farm to consumer, in the end of 2040. 

More information about Gårdsinitiativet and of our CR work in the HKScan Annual & Responsibility Report 2022.

Sustainable Brand Index™ is Europe’s largest independent brand study on sustainability, founded in 2011 by SB Insight in Sweden. Sustainable Brand Index™ measures the sustainability perception of brands across industries and countries. It is an independent study consisting of nearly 1 600 brands, 36 industries, and 80 000 consumer-interviews across Europe (the Nordics, the Netherlands & the Baltics). In doing so, Sustainable Brand Index™ shows how brands are perceived within sustainability, why they are perceived this way, and what to do about it. Next to yearly brand rankings and official reports, Sustainable Brand Index™ provides brands with data-driven sustainability insights, tailored analysis and strategic recommendations. SUSTAINABLE BRAND INDEX (