Biolan Group processes manure of Kariniemen’s chicken into Novarbo Arvo fertilisers for field and garden crops. The fertiliser study will be extended to the coming growing season as the aim is to determine how the fertiliser affects the carbon footprint of legume cultivation.

“A domestic fertiliser option increases security of supply and is also a responsible choice in terms of nutrient recycling. Increasing the circular use of manure and developing domestic protein sources are important elements of HKScan’s Zero Carbon climate plan. HKScan’s target is carbon-neutral food production by the end of 2040 at the latest,” says Ulf Jahnsson, VP Sustainable Primary Production at HKScan.

Arvo fertiliser increases microbial activities and organic matter formation in the field

Kariniemen’s composted chicken manure is pressed into small granules and is as user-friendly as the traditional mineral fertiliser. In addition to its fertilising effect, the organic Arvo fertiliser increases microbial activity and organic matter formation in the soil, which is a particular advantage for crop farms that do not traditionally use livestock manure.

In the growing season 2020, the Arvo fertiliser performed well in field trials with peas and broad beans in collaboration with HKScan pilot farms, showing that crops fertilised with organic fertilisers were more drought tolerant and more uniform than those fertilised with mineral fertilisers. The recycling fertiliser was commended for its good usability.

“At Biolan, we want to be part of establishing ways and practices to create a more sustainable future. Our product development is guided by sustainable values, and we have been recycling nutrients and various side streams throughout the company’s history. Together with HKScan’s pilot farms and network of companies, we are developing sustainability and carbon neutrality in the food chain. When the whole food chain reduces its environmental impact, it is easier for consumers to make responsible choices in their everyday lives,” says Biolan’s Hannamaija Fontell, Director, Product Development.

The Arvo range includes eight fertiliser alternatives. They offer the right solutions for growing legumes, such as peas and broad beans, and grass, for example. The products contain not only major nutrients but also micronutrients and respond well to the nutrient needs of different crops. The Arvo fertilisers are suitable for both organic and conventional farming.

Contact information:
Ulf Jahnsson, VP Sustainable Primary Production, tel. +358 400 784 193,
Hannamaija Fontell, Director, Product Development, Biolan, tel. +358 40 503 6746,


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