In short, the new system implies that HKScan takes over the responsibility for the planning of the collection of animals, as well as notifying the suppliers about the pickup. A work previously performed by the carrier. A pilot project was launched in August last year, in close collaboration with the carriers and the suppliers. The test turned out well and since then, the system has gradually been introduced to all our Swedish plants and is now fully implemented with all carriers and supplying farms included.

Climate benefits

Climate benefits have been an important driving force for the project. The new transport system makes it possible to arrange return transports to a greater extent than before. This means that the number of kilometers can be significantly reduced which in turn contributes to a reduced carbon footprint for the animal transports.

- Our aim is to increase the utilization rate for the transports that previously returned empty from our plants. Already now, we see a 3% rate of return transports which corresponds to 3000 saved kilometers per week, equivalent to 3,2 tonnes of CO2*, Magnus Lindholm explains. An important step on the road towards carbon neutral food production that HKScan is aiming for in 2040.

Increased benefits to all parties in the supply chain

The transport system project is highly prioritized within HKScan and it was a clear goal from the start that the changes should be of benefit for all parties involved, including the over 6000 supplying farms. Their feedback, as well as those of the carriers, have been fundamental to the success of the new system.

- We can see clear improvements when it comes to our long-term planning, as well as an increased precision when it comes to the transports arriving to our plants, says Magnus Lindholm, VP Animal Sourcing for HKScan Sweden. And our communication with the suppliers is more frequent which makes it possible for us to act on information much quicker, for the benefit of both parties.

Another benefit is the transition to a more digital way of working. HKScan now offers digital signing of the animal owner’s declaration as well as a digital confirmation of the delivery. Safe and efficient for both parties.

- I would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who has participated in the planning and implementation of this new system, especially our animal carriers. Without them, none of this would have been possible, says Magnus Lindholm. We’ve had a close collaboration that will continue in the form of a newly established Carrier council,

*Source: digital calculator