The development of new consumer habits and the demand for fast home delivery has accelerated rapidly over the past year, much depending on the restrictions we all have lived with. Sometimes it’s ready-to-serve that is best suited for a good and quick meal. At other times, you have more time and want to cook the food yourself with the help of specially selected ingredients and cooking tips from the professionals. With this as a starting point, foodora and HKScan in collaboration with Jureskogs and AG Kötthandel can now offer two new home delivery meal bags that the customer prepares at home

“We are really happy to take the next step in our collaboration with foodora, which began last year. Our long experience and solid product expertise at HKScan in combination with foodora's expertise in home delivery and q-commerce is a perfect match”, says Maria Dundeberg, Sales Director Foodservice at HKScan Sweden. “Together, we’re developing new ways of offering consumers high-quality food in tripartite collaboration with well-known Swedish restaurants. For us at HKScan, it’s an important step in our development towards broadening our product and channel offering”.

“Through strong partnerships, good ideas can grow. Our previous collaboration was a success, and we are now expanding the range with two home delivery food bags. Together with HKScan, I see endless possibilities, as they, like us, are a company that embraces opportunities and sees the strength in combining our muscles”, says Hans Skruvfors, CEO foodora.

The Burger bag is a collaboration between Scan and Jureskogs’, Sweden's fastest growing quality hamburger chain, and contains all the components that the amateur chef needs to make two High Five burgers at home; minced meat from Swedish dairy cows, bread from a local bakery, locally produced farm cheese and other accessories.

The Meat bag is a collaboration between Scan and AG Kötthandel, Stockholm’s most prestigious meat shop. The meat is specially selected by Scan’s butcher Benny Granqvist and the meat experts at AG Kötthandel. With the help of expert tips and accessories that come with the bag, the amateur chef can easily create a unique meal experience at home.

The meal bags are launched on May 17th in the Stockholm area and is ordered through and delivered by foodora within an hour.