Strong locality and collaboration between nearby farmers

Mäkitalon Farmi's portion salads launched at the end of April are mainly made from the farm’s own and nearby farmers’ raw materials. For his company, the Mäkitalon Farmi farmer Esa Mäkitalo has created a partnership network of local farmers. For example, cabbage used in the salads is from Mäkitalo’s own farm in Eura Mannila in Finland and all pork, beef and broiler used in salads are HKScan’s 100% Finnish HK® and Kariniemen® meat.

Six different crunchy portion salads are delivered to customers through HKScan’s sales and distribution channel.


Interesting opportunities through partnerships

“HKScan has years of experience in the production of plant-based foods, but Mäkitalon Farmi portion salads are something new for us, bringing an expected addition to our sales range. Portion salads are well-suited for the food democracy we represent and the products support our journey into a versatile food company," says Jari Leija, HKScan’s EVP Business Unit Finland.

HKScan is already familiar with partnership thinking. Kivikylän Kotipalvaamo and Lihatukku Harri Tamminen have for years been HKScan’s subsidiaries. The partnership introduced in 2019 with Hes-Pro for HK Vihreät™ plant-based protein products as well as the joint venture Boltsi Oy together with Leivon Leipomo in oat-seed-based products are indications of the partnership strategy implementation.

“Partnerships allow us to quickly and flexibly expand into new product categories and, for example in this case, we provide Mäkitalon Farmi products with a comprehensive commercial platform. Collaborating with Mäkitalon Farmi salad professionals and the widest possible use of Finnish raw materials are great things. In addition, the appreciation of domesticity has increased during the coronavirus pandemic,” Leija continues. “On our way to a versatile food company, similar types of collaborations can provide interesting opportunities for various food business operators.”

Mäkitalon Maistuvat Oy’s salads are made in HKScan's Eura unit, in premises vacated from company's poultry production.


More information:

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