Soy is one of the world’s most widely cultivated crops today. It is used as a component in livestock feed as it is an important source of protein. Already in 2014, HKScan took a decision to invests in using an increasing amount of responsible soy. The Group became a member of the Round Table on Responsible Soy Association (RTRS). The RTRS stipulates principles, criteria and third-party audits to ensure that national and regional legislation is followed in connection to soy cultivation. It also provides assurance of good working conditions, environmental responsibility and sound agricultural practices.

In order to further strengthen its engagement in the soy dialogue, HKScan Denmark joined earlier this year the Danish Alliance for Responsible Soy. “It is of utmost importance that food producers, feed companies, producers, retailers and consumers work together with the aim to improve the sustainability of the food value chain. By joining our forces, we can make a great impact,” says Brian Møller Lauridsen, Animal Sourcing Director of HKScan Denmark.

HKScan Denmark has now updated its’ roadmap to secure that all soy used in HKScan’s poultry feed in Denmark will be responsible in 2025. HKScan Denmark will increase the proportion of responsible soy according to the following schedule:
2021: 30% responsible soy
2022: 40% responsible soy
2023: 60% responsible soy
2024: 80% responsible soy
2025: 100% responsible soy

HKScan also follows and participates in projects targeting to produce domestic plant-based proteins and has also replaced soy in animal feed, where suitable.

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