September was a productive month for HKScan Latvia’s Jelgava plant – it prepared and exported slowly cooked meat products to Germany, making this one of the company’s most important deals of the year to date. As a result, “slow-cooked” meat products made in Latvia, with high added value, will be on sale in about 3,000 German retail outlets.

The aforementioned export deal included four HKScan Latvia product types – ribs in blueberry marinade, pork wings in cherry-smoky marinade, roast pork with roasted onions and turkey drumstick with cream. These products are made using special slow cooking technology, and the Jelgava plant is the only one in Latvia to offer this range of products.

“Slow-cooked” technology is based on cooking food at a low temperature and packing it in a vacuum, which retains its valuable nutrients and brings out the meal’s aroma, flavour, colour and structure. Products made using this technology are particularly sought after by people who lead busy lives because the cooking process is fast; essentially, the meal only needs to be heated up. In turn, the result melts in the mouth – the meat is soft and succulent.

“Thanks to our professional, high-level production and consistent quality, we have established trustworthy relations with our export partners. Our products, including ready-to-eat products, are now being appraised and appreciated at European level,” explains Heino Lapiņš, Sales Director, HKScan Latvia.

HKScan Latvia’s operating focus is on export development, and to date the company has succeeded in increasing its sales in export markets every year, particularly in the Baltic States and Central Europe. It has already been announced that this year the company has record exports and plans to invest up to EUR 1 million in its Jelgava plant.


About HKScan Latvia
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