The new logistics centre will reduce truck mileage by at least 400 000 kilometres a year, by thus helping to save one million euros on the logistics costs and meet the company’s targets in decreasing environmental impacts.

According to Anne Mere, head of HKScan's Baltic units, it is important for the company to continue with investments that create efficiency and new business opportunities despite of the turbulent general economic situation. “We also see several options for the new logistics centre, how we can offer our customers the most flexible delivery of Rakvere and Tallegg products across the Baltics and find mutually beneficial cooperation opportunities with other food producers in transporting their products to the southern neighbours and vice versa,” Mere explained.

“By centralizing our logistics area we are also preparing for the demands of the increasingly competitive retail market in the Baltic States in terms of speed, frequency and quality of deliveries. The new logistics centre will help to strengthen our positions in all Baltic countries," Mere added.

According to Kaupo Kolsar, chairman of the management board of Astlanda Ehitus, the construction of the centre has proceeded according to plan and the centre can be handed over to HKScan for operation before September next year. "The centre will have 9000 square meters of storage space which can be further increased during the next construction phases," he said.

“Rae rural municipality can already today be considered the logistics capital of Estonia, why not the whole of the Baltics in the future. A company that respects itself and values environmental sustainability has a logistics centre obviously in Rae rural municipality which greatly pleases me as a rural municipality mayor,” Madis Sarik, Rae rural municipality mayor, said. According to him HKScan is a reliable partner for the rural municipality. The company’s work environment is in order and it offers competitive jobs for the people of the rural municipality.

The new logistics centre to be completed in the immediate vicinity of Tallinn ring road in Rae rural municipality in a year will replace the existing assembly centres in Rakvere and Riga. 105 employees start working there, 50 of whom will presumably be the employees of Rakvere assembly centre.

Solar panels have been installed in the new HKScan Baltic logistics centre which saves the company electricity consumption. The company will also significantly reduce its greenhouse gas emissions due to the fact that the new location will reduce the distance run by trucks by an amount equal to 10 times the distance when travelling around the globe.

Additional information:
Anne Mere
Head of HKScan Baltic units
Phone: +372 502 5899