New packaging guarantees excellent product safety and shelf life. In addition, minced meat stays fluffy, making it easy to fry and handle. The package is easy to open and is sorted as plastic waste.
Advanced responsibility work is one of the four priorities in HKScan’s strategy. In line with our goal-oriented responsibility programme, we are constantly developing more environmentally friendly package solutions. Recyclability as well as reduction of plastic and carbon footprint are at the heart of our packaging development – without forgetting product safety and usability. HKScan’s goal is to reduce the amount of packaging plastic by 20 per cent by the end of 2025.

These HK minced meat products will be available in bag packages:

HK Farmarin lypsykarjan jauheliha 15% 300g
HK Paistijauheliha 300g
HK Naudan jauheliha 10% 400g
HK Naudan jauheliha 10% 600g
HK Nauta-viljaporsas jauheliha 400g