Release 6.2.2018

An unlimited strike started at the Rakvere meat production unit today, 6th of February. Out of 785 workers, around twenty are taking part of the strike. Work continues as usual.

Negotiations regarding the salaries of 25 slaughter line employees at the Rakvere meat production unit continued until the middle of December. On 19th January, HKScan Estonia received a strike notice from the Industrial and Metalworkers Trade Union Federation (IMTAL) that represents the staff members, according to which an unlimited strike will commence at the Rakvere meat production unit today, 6th February. Out of 785 workers, around twenty are taking part in the strike.

-We respect our employees' right to strike, but at the same time we all know that striking is not a solution. This kind of work stoppage is impacting not only production, but also the rest of our employees, farmers, customers and consumers. I would like to thank all those employees who have been patient throughout this process and are also supporting the employer today by continuing to work,” said Anne Mere, EVP Market Area Baltics of HKScan.

Based on the thorough external and internal study the total compensation for the slaughterhouse employees is 19% above the comparable market median. Between 2013 and 2016, the total compensation paid to these employees has increased by an average of 6% a year.

-We have made a number of important and financially significant decisions at the end of last year that affect our entire workforce, including employees on the slaughter line. The salary increase of only one department does not support a transparent compensation system developed on equal grounds and would not be fair to the other employees of the company,” explained Mere.

Mere confirms that the Rakvere meat production unit will continue to be operational despite the strike and that everything will be done to ensure the supply to customers is as smooth as possible.

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