HKScan release 18 Jan 2018

There have been temporary problems with the availability of HKScan chicken products. HKScan is making every effort to ensure that customer deliveries are carried out.

HKScan has taken a new poultry unit into use in Rauma. The most modern unit in the field in Europe together with the high level of primary production expertise makes it possible to provide HKScan’s customers with more innovative and more responsibly produced products.

Taking the poultry unit into operation has taken longer than we had expected. The production lines in Rauma are operational, but the packaging line of the unit has not yet reached the target level of operation.

The delivery capacity of the unit is steadily improving, thanks in large part to the good work and commitment of our staff. HKScan is investing additional resources in its delivery capabilities, and continues to pack the products at the factory in Eura is addition to the new Rauma factory.

HKScan thanks its customers for their patience, and we apologise sincerely for the shortcomings in deliveries.

The background to the Rauma unit

  • HKScan’s investment in Rauma strongly supports Finnish chicken breeding, and maintains employment in the sector. The factory adds about 2000 person-years to the entire production chain.
  • Kariniemen® chickens are grown on HKScan contract farms in Satakunta and Southwest Finland. The average distance from Rauma of the contract farms raising the broilers is 70 km.
  • The unit’s new technology helps reduce overall production emissions. The side streams of the unit can also be put to use more efficiently.

Further information for the media:
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