On 2 March 2023, HKScan’s Board of Directors has appointed Juha Ruohola (57), Master of Agriculture and Forestry, eMBA, as CEO of HKScan Corporation. Ruohola has served as HKScan’s interim CEO since 29 September 2022. Prior to this, he has been HKScan’s EVP responsible for the Business Unit Baltic, the Polish business and the Group's exports and imports, and has held management positions in several other food companies. 

“Juha Ruohola knows well the food chain from primary production to consumers. He has an extensive and international knowledge of the industry. All this support HKScan's efforts to significantly improve the company's profitability and balance sheet. In a rapidly changing operating environment, the focus was already shifted to improving profitability last September when Juha Ruohola was appointed as the company's interim CEO. Ruohola has been determined and swift in implementing the objectives set by the Board of Directors at that time. Examples include the changes to the Group's operating model implemented towards the end of the year and the agreement signed by HKScan in December 2022 on the sale of its Baltic businesses, which we expect to be completed in the second half of 2023,” says Reijo Kiskola, Chairman of HKScan’s Board of Directors. 

“At the moment, we are resolutely focusing on measures that will improve the company’s profitability and cost competitiveness. The effective use of the potential of our core business and the development of a sustainable, local food chain are important to HKScan's success. HKScan is a company I know. I hope that the good cooperation with the company’s employees, owners, customers and other stakeholders will continue in the same spirit. HKScan has well known consumer brands, many great products and strong position on consumers’ tables, which makes me confident about the future,” says Juha Ruohola, CEO of HKScan. 

Markku Suvanto, EVP, Administration and Legal, is deputy to the CEO of HKScan. 

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Reijo Kiskola, Chairman of the Board, HKScan Corporation 
Juha Ruohola, CEO, HKScan Corporation, tel. +358 400 647 160 
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Juha Ruohola's photo is attached to this release and more photos in the mediabank: http://aineistopankki.hkscan.com/l/6G_nN-XNHN_5
Ruohola's CV is available on HKScan's website: Group Executive Team - HKScan