Via Kasvimaa products are ready-to-use, with fresh peeled and chopped vegetables, fresh herbs and spices. 

  • “Via Kasvimaa combines versatility, new flavours and ease of cooking. For example, it takes a lot of work to peel and chop a butternut squash. Not to mention beetroot; getting it to your plate ready and delicious is messy and time-consuming. Via Kasvimaa products cut out many steps in the cooking process and save time," says Timo Hansio, Managing Director of Kasviskonttori Oy. 

Easy and delicious – in the pot, in the oven and on the pan

The Via Kasvimaa product range includes products that can be cooked in the pot, oven or frying pan: soup ingredients, oven-ready vegetables and potatoes and flavoured ‘One Pot’ cooking vegetables. 

Via Kasvimaa products with the best ingredients of the season

The fresh vegetables in Via Kasvimaa products are supplied by Vihannes-Laitila. Finnish fresh vegetables are used in the products whenever high-quality local raw material is available in the required quantities. The product range varies according to the season.

Peels and tops put to good use

Using Via Kasvimaa products is a great way to reduce food waste at home. Home chefs need not worry about the organic waste from peeling and chopping vegetables. The peeling waste and other parts not suitable for production are used for animal feed or biogas production in accordance with HKScan’s material efficiency principles. Efficient use of materials significantly reduces the environmental impact of food production. 

HKScan’s specialists and chefs are behind the product development and recipe ideas for Via Kasvimaa products. Via Kasvimaa products can be found in refrigerated coolers within the fresh fruit and vegetable section, available at S Group stores in Finland from 12 October 2022. 


Additional information:

  • Kasviskonttori Oy, Timo Hansio, Managing Director, tel. +358 10 570 6862                                    
  • HKScan Finland, Marianne Nordblom, Director of Product Development,, tel. +358 10 570 2778.                
  • HKScan Media Service Desk, email:

Kasviskonttori Oy is a joint venture founded by HKScan and Vihannes-Laitila in April 2022, with HKScan owning 80% and Vihannes-Laitila 20%. The company responds to the growing consumer demand of fresh vegetables and will launch products that make it easy to increase vegetables in the diet. The new vegetable products are produced at HKScan’s Eura unit and the raw materials are supplied by Vihannes-Laitila in Kalanti. Kasviskonttori Oy’s brand name is Via Kasvimaa.