HKScan plans to streamline its operating model 

HKScan is planning to streamline the operating model between the Group functions and Business Units. In the future, HKScan’s Group functions are planned to focus more closely on the Group’s key strategic development projects and leadership as well as activities that ensure good corporate governance of a listed company. HKScan will begin statutory negotiations simultaneously in the Group functions and Business Unit Finland.

HKScan renewed its Group-wide operating model at the beginning of 2020 by moving from a matrix organisation to a business unit structure. The current operating model emphasizes profit responsibility and the execution of the Group's strategy in the Business Units. 

“We aim to further streamline the responsibilities between Group functions and Business Units so that the Group will focus more closely on key strategic development projects and strategic leadership. Operational business will be more clearly focused on the Business Units. In the planned streamlining and reorganisation of the operating model, some Group-wide functions and tasks will be transferred to the Business Units or terminated,” says HKScan’s CEO Tero Hemmilä.

Plans to streamline the operating model of HKScan’s Group functions and the Business Unit Finland will be discussed in Finland in statutory negotiations, which may lead to an estimated 20 job reductions or changes in the employment contracts. The statutory negotiations do not concern blue-collar workers or HKScan’s businesses in Sweden, the Baltics, Denmark and Poland. The aim is to complete the negotiations during March 2022.

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