The sales of the food company HKScan Latvia in May confirm that the products manufactured in Latvia have gained great popularity in Central Europe, especially in Germany, where more than 260 tons or about 15 trucks of products have been exported. Also, the volume of exported products in the January–May period has increased by a quarter (25%) compared to the same period last year, reaching almost 755 tons or 43 trucks.

Dim Sum, produced in Jelgava, is especially in high demand – the product has been available in Germany since the beginning of spring, and 42.84 tons have been sold in about 2000 stores. By the end of the year, the company expects to achieve a clear increase in export.

Heino Lapiņš, Sales Director of HKScan Latvia: “We are constantly developing new product manufacturing directions based on trends in the food industry, as well as taking into account customers' lifestyle choices. Carefully considered decisions are also reflected in the results – Dim Sum's sales are growing rapidly, and we already plan to invest additional funds in the production equipment of this product. "

Besides, this new product is especially popular as a great vegan meal option. H. Lapiņš explains that "the development of such new and innovative products is closely related to HKScan's goal to increase the export of value-added products".

Dim Sum is one of the most popular dishes in Asia, in direct translation from Chinese it means "close to the heart". The frozen meal is produced in Jelgava according to a unique recipe of HKScan Latvia employees and is 100% vegan and low in fat. In addition to the vegan version with kimchi filling, Dim Sum with pork filling is also available.

About HKScan

HKScan Latvia was founded in 1922 and is part of HKScan, one of the largest food production companies in the Nordic countries.

We, HKScan, make life tastier – today and tomorrow. Our strategic goal is to become a diverse food production company. Our delicious products are produced responsibly and are part of consumers' diverse meals, both daily and on special occasions. HKScan employs around 7000 specialists who use in their work more than 100 years of local food production experience. For us, HKScan, responsibility means continuous improvement and particular actions throughout the food production chain. Under the Zero Carbon program, we are working to achieve carbon-neutral food production by the end of 2040, from farms to consumers. We operate in the Finnish, Swedish, Baltic and Danish markets. Our most recognizable brands include HK®, Kariniemen®, Via®, Scan®, Pärsons®, Rakvere®, Tallegg®, Rigas Miesnieks® and Rose™. Thanks to our strategic partners, we are also known for the Kivikylän®, Tamminen® and Boltsi brands. HKScan is a listed company. In 2020, our net sales revenue was almost EUR 187 billion.