The campaign will focus on the safety, traceability and good taste of high-quality pork and poultry meat responsibly produced in the EU and Finland. Its target groups include Chinese retail and food service customers in both international and local companies in four major Chinese cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Chongqing).

“It is great to continue the well-done export promotion work in China with EU funding. Warmest thanks to the partners who contributed to the success of the project. The export promotion support now granted will help us increase the sales and awareness of our products in the very demanding Chinese market,” says HKScan’s Juha Ruohola, EVP, Export, import and meat balance.

HKScan’s Chinese joint venture expanded its distribution in Shanghai

Since 2018, HKScan has had a joint venture Nordic Lotus Food Inc. in China. The company, located near Shanghai, commercialises, sells and markets products in the local market. Its product range consists of tasty and tender HK Rypsiporsas® (Omega-3 Pork) products. 
Nordic Lotus Food Inc. has launched Finsharer (Fen Xiang Jia) products, based on HK Rypsiporsas® (Omega-3 Pork) meat, in the G-Super chain stores in Shanghai. G-Super is part of Greenland, one of China’s largest retail and wholesale companies. Previously, the Finsharer brand products were sold in the Alibaba’s Hema-on-line chain. 

“In addition to Hema, we have in fact sold the Finsharer products in supermarkets as well. However, the launch of sales in the premium G-Super chain provides us with an excellent framework for even wider distribution and thus increased sales,” Juha Ruohola continues.

The launch event was held at the end of October as part of the G-Super’s Europe themed campaign week. 


HKScan has exported pork – Finnish HK Rypsiporsas® (Omega-3 Pork) meat, and HK Viljaporsas (Nordic Pork) - from its Forssa unit to several Chinese customers since April 2018. 

The process of having a permit to export Finnish poultry meat to China is currently underway. 


Nordic Lotus Food Inc

-    A joint venture of HKScan and Zhejiang Qinglian Food
-    Founded in 2018
-    Registered office in Shanghai, China
-    Zhejiang Qinglian Food cuts and packs Finsharer products made of HK Rypsiporsas® (Omega-3 Pork) meat

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