HKScan will launch/is launching a new product line, HK Vihreät. The line includes four products: Kasvisjauhis (vegetable mince), Kasvisburgerpihvit (vegetable burger patties), Kasvisnuggetit (vegetable nuggets) and Kasvispullat (vegetable balls). The plant-based protein products, made mainly from peas and broad beans, bring more choice for easy and quick cooking. The products will be available in grocery stores from 24 August 2020. 

No compromise on taste

Our product development focused especially on the delicious taste and good texture of the products. 

- From the very beginning, the product development of the new HK Vihreät line has uncompromisingly aimed for tasty and firm-textured but juicy products. We are pleased to say that we have succeeded. As such, HK Vihreät products are tasty but mild, so they can be seasoned according to personal preference. The texture resembles familiar everyday cooking products and so they suit everyone’s taste, says Ursula Halonen, Marketing Director HKScan Finland. In addition, HK Vihreät products are naturally 100% vegan, Halonen continues.

Bolognese sauce or macaroni casserole with Kasvisjauhis

Ín the HK Vihreät line, there will be four different products available in grocery stores: HK Vihreät Kasvisjauhis, HK Vihreät Kasvisburgerpihvit, HK Vihreät Kasvispullat and HK Vihreät Kasvisnuggetit. Jauhis and Burgerpihvit are intended to be cooked in familiar ways, for example by frying. Pre-cooked products, Kasvispullat and Kasvisnuggetit, are preferably heated in an oven.

- In many families, easy and effortless cooking is seen very important, especially with everyday meals. That is why we decided to launch these four products as everyone already knows how to use them.  Kasvisjauhis can be used in familiar ways to make bolognese sauce or macaroni casserole.  Burgerpihvit can be fried to make veggie burgers, Kasvispullat and Kasvisnuggetit are great snacks or with side dishes, they can be served as the main course, says Halonen.



More choice and green for everyday cooking

“Everyday food” may sound a little trivial, but in fact, making everyday food is especially challenging as it should lay the foundation for a healthy diet, be reasonably effortless to prepare and, of course, taste good, week after week, month after month.

- In many families, parents are wondering how to add green on the plate and how to get kids eat more vegetables and more varied proteins. HK Vihreät line is an easy answer, in the form of familiar dishes. Above all, we want to bring more choice for everyone, for mixed-eaters, vegetarians and vegans, Halonen points out.

New field for HKScan

The HK Vihreät plant-based protein product line first saw the light of day last year, when HKScan and Hes-Pro entered into a cooperation agreement to develop, produce and launch plant-based protein products. The cooperation is an example of HKScan’s strategic target to expand into new product categories and raw material bases. The diverse product portfolio supports HKScan’s target to grow into a versatile food company, and new consumption trends create a broader base for future growth. Responsibly produced meat and meat products will continue to be at the heart of HKScan’s operations. 

- HK Vihreät line is a new field for us, even though HKScan has years of experience in the production of vegetarian foods. We believe that various plant-based protein products are growing in popularity as one option in everyday cooking and in our product development, we also have plans to expand the line, says Halonen

Peas and broad beans are the main raw materials in the HK Vihreät products. All products of the line are made in Finland and they all have the Avainlippu label. Kasvisjauhis and Kasvisburgerpihvit are made in Vantaa, and Kasvispullat and Kasvisnuggetit in Mikkeli at HKScan’s production units. The products are lactose-free, gluten-free and vegan. At home, HK Vihreät packaging is sorted as plastic. The boxes of Kasvisjauhis and Kasvisburgerpihvit are also recyclable.

Further information:

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