HKScan Finland plans to upgrade the efficiency of its pig-related industrial and slaughtering processes and to adjust capacity in line with prevailing market conditions and available meat supply. The target of these planned changes is to improve the competitiveness and profitability of HKScan Finland in today’s challenging business environment.

HKScan Finland will initiate statutory negotiations at its Mellilä production facility concerning the possible closure or downsizing of production there. As stated in the negotiation proposal issued today, the negotiations and potential changes may affect the plant’s entire personnel, which numbers approx.20 employees. The negotiations will begin on Wednesday 1 March.

If the planned changes are put into effect, they are initially estimated to impact the employment relationships of the personnel and their terms of employment. The possible maximum headcount reduction to be expected at Mellilä is 20. The possible implications for personnel will be negotiated in the course of the negotiations. If HKScan would proceed with the planned changes, the company will endeavour to offer alternative employment to affected personnel at some other HKScan production facility.

HKScan slaughters sows and pigs at its Mellilä plant. The Group currently has about 2 900 employees in Finland.


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