In line with its ongoing strategy implementation, HKScan is further streamlining its legal structure in Sweden and sharpening its focus on its core business. HKScan Sweden AB sells its 25 per cent stakes in Gotlands Slakteri AB and in Svensk Butikskött AB to the main shareholder of Svensk Butikskött, headed by Managing Director Thomas Östlund.

“Over the past few years we have endeavoured to simplify and increase the efficiency of our operations in Sweden. These divestments will further strengthen our focus on our core businesses. The deals will ensure that Svensk Butikskött retains a strong foothold as a local slaughterhouse operator in Gotland, which is important both to local producers and consumers. We intend to continue collaborating with Svensk Butikskött and will transfer our local animal sourcing agreements in Gotland to the company no later than the end of 2016,” says Göran Holm, EVP, HKScan Consumer Business in Scandinavia.

HKScan has owned a stake in Gotlands Slakteri AB and Svensk Butikskött AB since 2010.


Lantbrukstjänst divested to Svenska Köttföretagen

In addition, HKScan has divested its 25 per cent stake in Svensk Lantbrukstjänst AB to Svenska Köttföretagen and one per cent stake to Konvex AB. The divestment finalizes forming a new joint venture in the Swedish meat industry. HKScan Sweden AB joined Svenska Köttföretagen AB in November 2014 and has a 24 per cent share in the organization formed by a network of Swedish slaughtering companies.


The described transactions streamline the Group structure further. They do not have an impact on the financial result of HKScan.


For further information:

Göran Holm, EVP, HKScan Consumer Business in Scandinavia. Kindly submit a call-back request via his PA Anna Simonsson +46 (0)8 725 82 16 (in English or Swedish).

Hannu Kottonen, CEO, HKScan Corporation
Kindly submit a call-back request to Marja-Leena Dahlskog, SVP Communications, HKScan Group, marja-leena.dahlskog(at), tel. +358 10 570 2142.

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