In line with its strategy, HKScan is continuing to further improve competitiveness within primary production in Sweden, while at the same time reinforcing its feed operations. The aim of HKScan's feed operations is, in various ways, to help our contract producers to benefit from improved financial conditions and to achieve higher quality in their production. HKScan and Fodermix AB have signed an agreement for the production of unique feed mixes for HKScan's producers.

"Feeds represent the biggest single cost in all primary production, so it is natural for HKScan to continue to expand its feed operations," says Ulf Jahnsson, Vice President of HKScan's feed business.

HKScan has previous experience of producing feeds for its Finnish contract producers. Now, the Group's expertise and its tried and tested feed solutions can also be effectively utilised in Sweden.

New feeds for pigs mean improved efficiency

An ability to see the end results of rearing in production means that HKScan has unique opportunities to develop feeds for pigs. We use information about breeds when putting together feed recipes and also in breeding collaborations between HKScan and the genetics company Topigs Norsvin. Our feed development will therefore result in feeds that really are ideally suited to modern genetics.

"I can see a significant opportunity for our suppliers to improve their efficiency and productivity from production as a result of HKScan offering tailored feeds in the future. We are currently developing a range that includes finished feeds, concentrates and premixes," reports Anna-Maria Larsson, who is the Manager for HKScan’s feed business in Sweden.

Once the recipes are ready, this will be followed by production, then delivery via Fodermix. Thanks to its ownership structure Fodermix has an access to production capacity at Svenska Foder's plants, Fodermix will be able to produce and distribute the new products throughout Sweden.

"Here at HKScan, we are looking forward to this collaboration, where we will jointly be able to make use of our knowledge and resources to make the Swedish meat producer more competitive on the European meat market," says Larsson in conclusion.


Access to domestic raw material secured

"Our domestic trademarks used in all the countries in which HKScan operates are among our key success factors, and we have a raw material related trademark promise to our consumers. It is also logical, therefore, for us to help out by providing solutions that can improve profitability for the supplier," explains Ulf Jahnsson.

In addition to innovative feed concepts, HKScan also provides its contract producers with consultancy services. Our consultants are experts in primary production, and they go out to visit farms to work with the producers on matters relating to improving profitability and animal welfare, etc. Suppliers can also make use of HKScan's expertise in the field of genetics.

Earlier this year, HKScan signed an agreement with North European Oil Trade with a view to developing its feed operations. North European Oil Trade supplies byproducts from bioethanol production at its new ethanol plant in Gothenburg to HKScan, which then uses the high-protein and high-energy byproducts in the feed products it offers to its Swedish suppliers.

For further information, please contact:

Ulf Jahnsson, Vice President, feed business, HKScan Group, tel.: +358 (0)400 784193, e-mail: ulf.jahnsson(at)
Anna-Maria Larsson, Manager, feed business, HKScan Sweden, tel.: +46(0)44-19 40 32, e-mail: anna-maria.larsson(at)

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