Further steps towards structural harmonization  As part of a Group-wide structural harmonization process and a strategic development programme ongoing in Sweden, HKScan has sold its small wholly-owned subsidiary Bertil Erikssons Slakteri AB to its Swedish associate Siljans Chark AB. HKScan owns a 39.3 per cent stake in Siljans Chark AB.

 “We are striving to enhance our efficiency by centralizing production at  four state-of-the-art production sites, with Kristianstad specializing in pork slaughtering and cutting, Halmstad in sliced products and cold cuts, Linköping in beef and lamb slaughtering and cutting, and Skara in minced meat products. The sale of Bertil Erikssons Slakteri in Bäsinge will streamline HKScan’s production structure. The deal will also consolidate Siljans Chark’s role as a leading local slaughterhouse in Ickholmen in Central Sweden, which will benefit local producers, consumers and at the same time improve our industrial structure and efficiency,” says Göran Holm, EVP in charge of HKScan’s Consumer Business in Scandinavia.

HKScan’s strategic intent in Sweden is to streamline its operative structure, further invest in its brands and value-added offering.


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Hannu Kottonen

For further information:
Göran Holm, EVP, HKScan Consumer Business in Scandinavia. Please submit a call-back request to his assistant, Anna Simonsson +46 (0)8 725 82 16 (English or Swedish)

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