HKScan's Cookie Notice

Updated: 29.09.2020

Please read this Cookie Notice (“notice”) carefully before using HKScan Oyj’s website and/or any other website provided by HKScan Oyj. This Notice shall apply to any and all websites of HKScan Oyj and/or to any websites of an affiliate entity owned or controlled by HKScan Oyj (hereinafter jointly and separately “we” or “our”) when we use cookies, web beacons and similar technologies ("cookies") on our website for the purposes as set out below.

Some of the cookies that are used on our website will collect data that can be related to you as an individual (i.e. personal data), while other activities on our website are logged only on an aggregated level.

For more information regarding the processing of your personal when using our website, please see our website privacy notice.

Where necessary, we may update this information from time to time. We recommend that you visit this page on a regular basis to get the latest infor­mation regarding the cookies we use on our website.

A cookie is a text file placed on your computer, mobile device or tablet (“device”) by web page servers when you visit websites. We use two types of cookies on our website: session cookies and persistent cookies.

  • Session cookies are stored during the period there is an active session, i.e. during the pe­riod you use the website. Session cookies are normally deleted when you close your web browser.
  • Persistent cookies are stored on your device until the set expiration date for each cookie or until you manually delete the cookie from your device.

Both the session cookies and the persistent cookies used on our website are regular web cookies (i.e. http/html cookies). The cookies used on our website will only be stored on your device during the period, which is necessary in order to fulfil the purpose and the function with each cookie.

Web beacons are transparent images which may be included in e-mails sent to you.

Similar technologies are technologies that store information in your web browser or on your device in a similar way as cookies and web beacons.  

Except for cookies used for the purposes specified in 3.1 of this notice, we ask your consent before placing cookies on your device. You can give your consent by clicking on the appropriate button displayed to you on our website or by going to the cookie settings, which are available to you at all times on our website.

Furthermore, in your web browser settings you may also choose to deny our use of cookies, view what type of cookies have been stored on your device and delete cookies stored on your device.

If you choose to disable cookies which we, as set out below, deem technically necessary for the website, you may not be able to use our website. You may also choose not to accept or to disable such other cookies than those technically necessary. However, if you do so, you will reduce our chances of improving and tailoring the website to your needs and interests.

Cookies are used on our website for the following purposes as set out below.

3.1 Manage and protect our website, services and related IT systems

We will use cookies to manage and protect our website, services and related IT. The cookies used for this purpose are technically necessary in order to enable our website to be delivered on your device, ensure security of our website and IT systems, and fulfil your requests on our website.

In particular, we will use cookies that help us to e.g. identify trusted web traffic and distribute web traffic in order to optimize response times.

3.2 Evaluate the use and follow up on the use of our Website 

We use cookies to collect visitor statistics in order to evaluate and follow up on how our web­site is used.

  • For this purpose, we will therefore e.g. collect information about your browser and device, how often you visit the website (including first and last visit), the duration of the visit and information on which website you came from prior to the visit or our website (including if any search engine and specific search term was used or if a link was used).

3.3 Improve the experience on our Website

Cookies used for this purpose will enable the website to e.g. store information about your brows­ing history, in order to improve your experience at the website and provide you with tailored content when appropriate.

3.4 Provide relevant marketing and communication on our Website

We use cookies to collect information about you in order for us and our advertising partners to provide you with relevant advertising and communication. For instance, we may use cookies to show embedded YouTube videos on our website so that we can promote our brand to you.    

For the above mentioned purpose, we will collect e.g. information on view and click statistics from our advertising partners' advertisements as well as your browsing history (such as your browser settings and how you use other websites and platforms (such as YouTube)).

The cookies will exist for different periods of time depending on the purpose of the cookie. For example, a session cookie which enables the website to operate will only exist on your device whilst you browse our website but other cookies will remain on your device for longer such as some functionality cookies which need to stay on your device so that the website can recognise you when you return. For more information about how long a cookie remains on your device, please go to the cookie settings and choose cookie declaration. 

We may need to update our cookie notice from time to time if we decide to use cookies differently. Any changes will be updated here and in the cookie settings.

Should you have any questions regarding our use of cookies, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please see below for contact details.


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