Teamwork is the key!

HKScan values are Inspire, Lead, Care and Deliver. "I can say that the company carries values that match mine. That's what makes working at HKScan so exciting", says Janne Laik-Lõhmus, Product Development and Marketing Director of HKScan Baltics. She highlights that team work is the key to success.

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What kind of tasks do you have Janne Laik-Lõhmus, Product Development and Marketing Director of HKScan Baltics?
I have worked as Product Development and Marketing Director at HKScan Baltics since the beginning of 2021 and I have had a lot of exciting moments. My working days at HKScan are active, fast-paced and creative.

I consider creating a new marketing department structure, updating of competencies and forming a new team as my greatest achievements at HKScan so far. Our company has currently definitely one of the strongest marketing teams in the entire Baltics. In addition, I would like to highlight the launch of three major projects - we can see some results already in the first half of 2022.

What are the challenges in brand marketing?
Our main challenge is to maintain the awareness and relevance of brands in all three markets.
Live up to the market leader position expectations! All three of our Baltic countries are very different in terms of consumer behavior, taste preferences and so on. It is important to find the right balance in the range of brands in each market in order to keep the brand value spontaneously high in the consumer’s eyes. Selling the same product range in every market while waiting for the brand to grow is not sustainable in the long term.

You have several brands in the Baltics, such as Tallegg, Rakvere and Klaipedos Maistas. How do you keep the brands fresh?
The position of the market leader is not just a number - brands need to be updated, innovations need to be brought to market. Also, the implementation of CR strategy in brand communication and in other activities has become the main leader of my daily work. I need to inspire and take care of my strong team. My team is very important to me - we give energy, inspiration and strength to each other and we make all the changes together! They´re really awesome!

How do you see HKScan values Inspire, Lead, Care and Deliver?
I can say that the company carries values that match mine. That's what makes working at HKScan so exciting. I have a strong desire to work here and participate as much as possible, because I see everyone else doing the same. My colleagues are hard-working and I have found lots of nice, like-minded people.

Teamwork is very important and valued at HKScan. Cooperation, lots of open-minded people, a nice daily dose of humor. My team members are thirsty for innovation and considered risks.

As a company, HKScan has a very long history, but I can still feel the pleasant atmosphere of a start-up. Sayings like 'we don't do it,' 'we can't do it,' 'we've never done it,' 'it's not our business are almost forgotten here. The Baltic team has a very young soul and it really impresses me!

What are the qualities that a good marketing director needs?
In my opinion, the person needs to have courage, curiosity, creativity, agility and strong business-related thinking. These are the five key qualities that are absolutely fundamental to success. The team, fast pace, ambitious projects, revolution and opportunity to put my ideas into best practice (as hands free as possible) are my motivators.

What do you do in your spare time?
I also try to keep my mind active when I’m not working –I participate in developing creative concepts for different events as a partner and, as a hobby, I’m involved in interior design projects.

As for combining work and family life, I follow the principle that attention should never be divided between the two I think it’s important to separate work and family life, with equal attention to both. For me, it certainly doesn't mean specific time frames like throwing the pen on the table and leaving the office at 5 or 6pm. However, when I’m at home, I am 100% with my family. Luckily my husband has the same line.

My principle is that if you do something, you always have to be 100% present.